Tech experts without a background in AI get to see the fundamentals of the technology and learn about our start-up journey on the Innovators Show.

See our talk at a Montreal symposium where leaders discuss the big picture of technology development and its social implications.

Communiqué de presse: Zetane utilisera les fonds pour relier son logiciel à Unreal Engine afin de faciliter l’utilisation de l’apprentissage automatique dans les opérations complexes, tant dans l’industrie du jeu vidéo et qu’au-delà de celui-ci.

Press release: Zetane will use the funds to link its software with Unreal Engine to facilitate the use of machine learning in complex operations, both in the video game industry and beyond.

Press release: AI professionals gain frictionless access to detailed visuals of most machine learning projects.

Screenshot of feature maps from an object detection, computer vision model displayed in the Zetane Viewer.

In case you missed it, here is our pitch and transcript.


The CEO of Zetane will share tips on how to better trust AI solutions introduced into critical operations.

Get your free passes and a first-hand look at all that is new and exciting in tech entrepreneurship and software tools for AI.

La Grande Messe 2021 — May 14

Press release: Setting the highest mark for the most detailed visuals of popular machine learning models opens new means to understand and audit AI technology.

Our upcoming presentation at AIoT Canada aims to inform industry leaders of new means to shine light into black-box algorithms embedded in IoT devices.

Jason Behrmann, PhD

Marketing, communications and ethics specialist in AI & technology. SexTech commentator and radio personality on Passion CJAD800. Serious green thumb and chef.

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